About Pippen AI

Amjed (AJ) Kadhim-Saleh

Family Physician / Co-Founder

AJ is a community family physician and clinic owner in Toronto. AJ has a deep understanding of the joys and pains of practicing family medicine, building an efficient practice, and creating workflows that work for family physicians. AJ developed Pippen so that family physicians could claim back their time, feel supported, and have a great day at work. AJ also wants to help physicians discover the wonder of AI, which is poised to revolutionize how physicians deliver care.

Amjed (AJ) Kadhim-Saleh, Family Physician / Co-Founder
Mary Aglipay, PhD Candidate / Co-Founder

Mary Aglipay

PhD Candidate / Co-Founder
Mary is a clinic owner and PhD Candidate in epidemiology with an emphasis on data science and AI. Mary brings expertise in machine learning, large datasets, and clinical epidemiology. Mary built Pippen to provide a rigorous, evidence based approach to the real-life application of AI in family medicine.
Mary Aglipay, PhD Candidate / Co-Founder

Family Doctors Deserve Support

Mounting paperwork and excessive time spent on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) is a problem across the profession. 94% of family doctors said they are overwhelmed with administrative work that takes up to 40% of their time every week. These issues contribute to a crisis in family medicine, accelerating burnout and family practice closures.

Pippen wants to help.

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